🌌 This Astronomy Quiz Is the Hardest in the Galaxy — How Well Can You Do?

To infinity and beyond.

Astronomy is one of the most interesting subjects to study. This is in part because of how much uncertainty there is about what is out there in the vast unknown of space.

It is truly an amazing time to be following new developments in the field as well. It seems that researchers are always uncovering new planets, moons, and various astronomical bodies that might be suitable for life. Even as I write this, NASA just reported that they have discovered hidden lakes of ice on the Moon. How did we not already know that there was water on the moon? We've literally been there! New information about space comes out seemingly on a daily basis and our exploration of the vast unknown is perhaps the most intriguing scientific undertaking going on in the world today.

This astronomy quiz is the hardest in the galaxy, although granted most of the astronomy quizzes are taking place on Earth as opposed to other planets. If you think you know a lot about astronomy then go ahead and give this your best shot.

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