The Hardest English Quiz You’ll Take This Year

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What do you think of our language quizzes? Do you find them too easy, too complicated, or just the right mix of both? Whatever your opinion is, we can assure you that this quiz is on the difficult side. So, here are some tips for you to get a jumpstart!

As with most English quizzes, you will be tested on definitions, grammar, sentence structure and spelling. Do you know a word that has a similar meaning to 'elicit'? What about a word with a meaning opposite to that of 'tranquil'? You should also be well-versed with the spelling and the meaning of some difficult words. How do you use 'hyperbole' in a sentence? Finally, brush up on your pronunciation skills as you identify the correct way to say words like 'larvae'.

If you have followed our tips and think you can take on this quiz, then go ahead! Just be warned that this may be the hardest English quiz you will take for the whole of this year.

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