People With a High IQ Will Find This General Knowledge Quiz a Breeze

Is your intellect superior enough?

Those among us who are lucky enough to be born with higher than average intelligence are usually quite good at retaining information they have learned. As a result this group of people will quite likely find this general knowledge quiz a breeze. How well you typically do on mixed knowledge quizzes is usually more of a question of how much you read and how well you can retain and apply what you have learned. Nobody can go to school and get a degree in general knowledge, what one would have to study would be too vast and unfocused. There are very few careers available for general knowledge experts, aside from quiz writers. That is why so few people are able to pass a quiz like this with flying colors.

If you think you happen to have an above-average ability to retain information then you might do well on this quiz. Go ahead and give it your best shot but it might be best to temper your expectations, very few people are able to do well on quizzes like this.

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People With High IQ Will Find This General Knowledge Quiz Breeze Questions

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