This Hipster Food Quiz Will Reveal Where You Should Actually Live

Are you hip enough for the place you live in or should you move?

Hipsters are known for many things: ironic fashion statements, tastes that are out of the norm and a carefully curated social media presence. They possess a constantly updated library of indie bands to love when their current favorite gets too popular to be cool anymore. What is one thing that's also a huge part of living the hipster life? It's food! Hipsters take their food very seriously.

There are certain foods that have hipsters going to great lengths to find them. One such type of food is unicorn-themed items. Taking photos and consuming multicolored food styled after the mythical animal has created much hype in the community, to the extent that these photos even go viral on Instagram! Kale is another ingredient that hipsters crave for. The leafy green is a staple in foods like salads, sandwiches, soups, and snacks. It's even part of drinks like smoothies.

Take a look at the following hipster foods. Pick some of your favorites and your choices will reveal a place you should actually be living in.

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This Hipster Food Quiz Will Reveal Where You Should Live Questions

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