How Impressive Is Your General Knowledge?

Jack of all trades? This one's for you.

How Impressive Is Your General Knowledge?
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There are many theories to support how one's general intelligence goes hand in hand with their memory. It also has been proven that someone who is very knowledgeable on a particular subject, also tends to be smart on many other topics. This shows that having an interest in general knowledge is very valuable to a person's mental ability.

With the advent of the Internet, we have access to more knowledge than ever before. Not only can we quickly gain awareness on current affairs, we also learn more about history and other useful, and sometimes useless, bits of trivia.

People tend to have better general knowledge when their memory capability is high and have a great curiosity for a variety of subjects. As for kids, those with a wider knowledge of facts do better in school and in tests.

Evidently, it is highly important to have an interest in general knowledge. An easy and quick way to educate yourself is by taking our general knowledge quizzes. Take this one to see if you are aware of some commonly known facts!

How Impressive Is Your General Knowledge? Quiz Questions