Sorry, If You Did 10/15 of These Things You’re Old Now

Are you over the hill?

Many of us like to reminisce about things we used to do when growing up. These are experiences that belonged to the past and the youngsters of today would never understand. If you are a millennial, here are some things you have probably never seen or used.

Some young people may have had the chance to interact with the small floppy disks. But many youths of today likely would not have come across the 8-inch version which was the first commercially available rendition of the floppy disk. Something else that the older crowd would remember is the everyday usage of answering machines. Before there was voicemail, people used to leave messages on these machines linked to one's landline. Recipients could hear the caller's message as they were saying it or catch up on messages they missed.

In this quiz, tell us which of these nostalgic things you have done. If you've done at least 10 out of the following 15 things, you're probably old (at heart or otherwise).


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Sorry, If You Did 10/15 of These Things You're Old Now Quiz Questions

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