One of These 7 Emotions Dominates You — Let This Inkblot Test Tell You Which

Joy? Anger? Disgust?

How you interpret inkblots says a lot about you and your personality. Little clues about your emotional state, personality and more come out when you are asked to interpret seemingly random images. When we are asked to attach meaning to something which doesn’t have any, we get a deeper picture of what is going on inside your psyche. These inkblot tests, also known as Rorschach tests, will help us determine which of the primary emotions dominates you the most.

Some people are dominated by feelings of anger, which can be quite problematic. Other people are dominated by a desire to find happiness, which can be much easier to deal with. Still more people have recently suffered a loss that caused great sadness and this tends to dominate their emotional state. To find out what emotion influences your behavior and personality the most, go ahead and answer the questions on this quiz as honestly as possible and we will let you know.

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One of 7 Emotions Dominates You — Let This Inkblot Test… Quiz Questions

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