Do You Know a Little Bit About Everything When It Comes to Geography?

Let's put your knowledge to the test.

Our planet is one mind-boggling place. Are you aware that in the Philippines, thereโ€™s an island thatโ€™s within a lake, on an island thatโ€™s within a lake, on an island? How about the fact that if humans are still around in 15 million years, those living in Los Angeles and San Francisco can be neighbors? This is because the San Andreas fault in California is "consuming" nearly 2 inches of land each year! Also, did you know that Mount Thor on Baffin Island, Canada, has Earthโ€™s greatest sheer vertical drop (4,101 feet)? You can take one step off the peak and fall nearly a mile before you hit anything!

It's not enough to passively absorb information through books, articles or documentaries, you need to put your knowledge to the test by answering questions. Whatever your area of expertise is, you're likely to be challenged by some of these questions in this geography quiz. Of course, acing a quiz like this won't come easy; you'll have to think way back to the stuff you learned in school, and more! Take this quiz to test your geography knowledge, and maybe learn a few new things about the world along the way.

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Do You Know Little Bit About Everything In Geography? Quiz Questions

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