If You Can Match 13/15 of These Marvel Characters With Their Origin Story, We’ll Be Impressed

Do you know where Rocket or Groot came from?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is perhaps the most complex of any movie franchise in history. Even characters that aren't featured on posters, trailers, or have their own shows have interesting backstories worth exploring.

The unique and creative backstories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is what helps make it so appealing. There is seemingly an unlimited amount of backstories to dive into when one wants an even deeper understanding of Marvel's creations. While some film franchises are content to present 2D characters with no layers, with the MCU you get well-developed characters, protagonists with motivation, and antagonists with justification.

Only the biggest of Marvel fans are able to recite each character's origin story, however. Perhaps you are one of those fans. Test your Marvel knowledge with this quiz and see if you can match these characters with their origin story. And in so doing, you will know how you stack up against the biggest Marvel fans.

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