Only Epic TV Binge-Watchers Can Pass This Netflix Quiz — Can You?

Calling all binge-watchers.

There's a big difference between watching traditional TV and content-streaming service Netflix. Watching Netflix has seemed like a big step up for TV fans when it comes to following their favorite shows. Instead of waiting seven days to find out why the kids from Hawkins, Indiana, should be concerned that fridge magnets are no longer working in their town, we can now skip right ahead to the next episode as soon as we finish the last. Frustrated by commercial breaks splitting up an episode? Netflix is the app to use as there are no ads and you can pause and resume your show at any time. In many ways, Netflix is a game changer within the television industry.

Have you been binge-watching all the top original programming Netflix has to offer? You might very well qualify for Netflix expert status. If you think you’ve got what it takes to measure up against the top Netflix binge-watchers out there then test your knowledge with this quiz.

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Only Epic TV Binge-Watchers Can Pass This Netflix Quiz — Can You? Questions

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