If You’ve Seen 21/26 of These Shows, You’re a Netflix Addict

From 13 Reasons Why to When They See Us and everything in between.

Netflix has something for everyone. From edge-of-your-seat mysteries like Stranger Thingsย andย Dark to animated comedies such asย Big Mouth andย BoJack Horseman, there are plenty of good TV shows that it's hard to not find something that catches your fancy.

More pertinently, Netflix's original content consists of quality shows likeย The Haunting of Hill House, Mindhunter,ย House of Cards, and The Umbrella Academy, plus the mighty Marvel TV shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones,ย The Punisher, and The Defenders).ย Many series are about one or two seasons long, so you can knock them out in one lazy weekend when you feel like binge-watching 8 hours of television.

From the crime dramas to remakes of classics to feel-good rom-coms, how many of these popular Netflix original series have you seen? As long as you have caught at least an episode, it counts. Only the most ardent TV fans would have seen the majority of them. Have you?

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If You've Seen 21 of Shows, You're a Netflix Addict Quiz Questions

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