Choose Between Normal or Trendy Foods and We’ll Tell You If You’re More Shy or Outgoing

Regular toast or mermaid toast? Take your pick.

Every so often, chefs and restaurateurs get creative and introduce new versions of regular foods that excite the tastes of today's foodies. When done right, these Insta-worthy creations quickly infiltrate our social media feeds (who can forget the colorful Starbucks Mermaid Frappuccino). Here are some of the current food fads that may whet your appetite.

Move over glazed donuts, it seems like the humble pastry isn't going to cut it anymore. This year, donuts with unique fillings like banana malt and custard are gaining popularity. Rolled ice cream is also on the rise, after years of being popular in Thailand. The ice cream is made by pouring a base of sweet milk with toppings on an extremely cold steel slate, spread thinly, then rolled up with a metal scraper as it freezes.

No matter how trendy foods can get, sometimes you just can't go wrong with the old-school version. Decide which version you like more in this fun quiz! Your choices will determine if you are more shy or outgoing.

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