🍕 Order a Pizza and Build a Perfect Boyfriend and We’ll Tell You Which Celeb You Should Hook up With ❤

Who can resist a freshly-made pizza delivered straight to your doorstep? Al of us have our go-to toppings and flavors when it comes to pizza. Because every individual's pizza preference is so unique, the way you customize your pizza says a lot about your personality and your view towards dating.

If you love eating Hawaiian pizza, you're an adventurous person when it comes to dating and you get excited when meeting new people. You love exploring new places and activities with your significant other. If you're more of a meat lover, you don't date just one person; you'd rather meet different kinds of people and enjoy singlehood for as long as you can. If you prefer a plain cheese pizza, you're very cautious about your love life. You don't dive into relationships, just like how you're careful about adding toppings on your pizza.

In this quiz, get the best of both worlds by ordering your favorite pizza and building your dream guy. Based on what you pick, we will suggest a celebrity for you to hook up with!

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