Pick Your Favorite Character from These TV Shows and We’ll Guess Your Age

Your binge-watching habits are surprisingly revealing.

In the world of television, we depend on our favorite characters to keep us hooked on a show, especially during the times when the storyline isn't keeping us interested. Not only must the actors be funny or charismatic, the creative forces behind the shows have to give them compelling storylines to hold our attention so that we will tune in to every episode.

Unlike movies where we focus on the protagonist for two hours, we follow the lives of television characters for as long as they're on air, which keeps us invested in that character. Which characters have kept you interested for that long? Is it Ross and Rachel's "will they or won't they" relationship throughout the ten years of Friends? What about Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory? He is arguably the star of the show, with his own spin-off even as the main show is still releasing new episodes!

In this quiz, choose your favorite character in each of these 15 popular classic and modern TV shows. If your favorite isn't on the list, or if you haven't seen the show before, simply pick 'none'. Depending on your choices, we can guess how old you are!

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