🍔 Tell Us If You’d Eat These Strange McDonald’s Menu Items and We’ll Guess Your Age and Gender

How does a McLobster with McWine pairing sound?

Fast food giant McDonald's, the world's number one hamburger chain, continuously comes up with unique special items to attract more customers. But sometimes, these items may seem quite strange and not necessarily be everybody's cup of tea.

One dish that may raise some eyebrows is the mashed potato burger from China. It featured two beef patties, bacon and a heap of mashed potatoes. Marketed as a beefy creation intended for the "manly man", many hated how soggy the bun became. To further show off its ability to innovate, McDonald's Austria experimented with a noodle and veggie stir-fry bowl, aptly named McNoodles. This was riding on the wave of Austrians' love of stir-fried noodles and had vegetables, chicken, salad and either sweet-and-sour or curry sauce.

Time to see if you really would eat anything sold at a McDonald's. We've lined up some of the most bizarre items from the McDonald's menu all over the world. Take a look and decide if you are adventurous enough to eat them. Based on your stance on these foods, we can guess your age and gender!

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