This Visually Satisfying Quiz Will Reveal Your Current Mood

Get your eyes ready for a visual tour.

When we see an appealing image, we get this soothing feeling of satisfaction. It's hard to explain why we get this "just right" feeling on seeing certain beautiful imagery, but there is an undeniable allure to the work, as if it scratches an itch you didn't know you had.

Our brains start processing visuals from the second we open our eyes as infants. In fact, 50 percent of the brain is used to process what we view. Visuals are the first connection we have to the world, so much that we can grasp a visual in less than a tenth of a second. So, why wouldn't we want to take in more pleasant things through our best sense?

In this quiz, get ready for a visual feast as we present you with a multitude of images that are pleasing to the eye. Pick the pictures that pique your interest the most! Your choices will help us determine what your current mood is. Enjoy!

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This Visually Satisfying Quiz Will Reveal Your Current Mood Questions

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