⏰ Go on a Time Travel Adventure to Find Out Where in History You Truly Belong

Discover your true place in history!

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you could travel through time? As much as we want it to be possible, time travel is not currently a viable option. Perhaps some day it will be. It sure would be nice for some people from the future to travel back in time and teach us how to do it. Perhaps doing so would create a new time-branch and cause a disruption to the multiverse, though, so we shouldn’t judge them for not having done so yet. But for the foreseeable future, we will have to settle for reading about history, watching documentaries, or movies and TV shows that take place in historical times.

This quiz will ask you what you would choose to do if you somehow gained the ability to travel through time. Where in history would you go? What time periods and what locations would you visit? Would you choose to change the future? You’ll have to answer all those questions and more. We will use your answers to determine what period from history you are best suited to living in.

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