How Much Useless General Knowledge Do You Actually Have?

Do you know everything, even the useless stuff?

If you're a frequent quiz-taker, you must be used to seeing our general knowledge quizzes on a regular basis. They have been created with the hope of you putting your existing knowledge to the test while learning new and important facts. But with this quiz, we're just here to have some fun.

Most of the questions that appear in this quiz will be related to generally useless facts and trivia. Do you have a clue what the best-selling ice cream flavor in America is? Did you know that kangaroos have a habit they do when they're nervous? Along with these, you will also be asked about other interesting quirks about animals and some random trivia.

As you can see, there are some questions on topics you don't really need to know about. So, this quiz is for you to gauge how much useless general knowledge you actually possess. Go on, start this quiz to find out!

Quiz Playlist

Mixed Trivia Quizzes
  1. Challenge Yourself in This General Knowledge Quiz โ€” Do You Have What It Takes to Score 75%?
  2. You’re Probably Better at General Trivia Than You Think, Take This Test to Know for Sure
  3. This General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Will Test Every Corner of Your Mind
  4. If You Think You’re a Genius, Take This Random Knowledge Quiz to Prove It
  5. If You Can Get at Least 12/15 on This Tough General Knowledge Quiz, You’re Technically a Genius
  6. Do You Have an Above Average Knowledge of the World?
  7. Only a Person With a Clear Head Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz
  8. Those with a High IQ Should Have No Problem Passing This Random Knowledge Quiz
  9. If You Score Higher Than 15/20 on This Quiz, You’re a Walking Encyclopedia
  10. This General Knowledge Quiz Will Separate the Geniuses from the Pretenders
  11. So You Think You’re Great at General Knowledge, Eh? Prove It With This Quiz
  12. Unless You Have an Encyclopedic Knowledge, You Won’t Be Passing This Useless Trivia Quiz ๐Ÿค”
  13. This 25-Question Mixed Trivia Quiz Was Made to Prevent You from Passing. Can You Beat the Odds?
  14. Think You’re a Genius? Take This ‘G’-Themed General Knowledge Quiz and Prove It!
  15. You’ll Pass This General Knowledge Quiz Only If You Know a Lot
  16. This Is the Hardest General Knowledge Quiz You’ll Ever Take, We Promise
  17. If You Get 14/17 on This Random Trivia Quiz, Then It’s Official: You Are Extremely Knowledgeable
  18. ๐Ÿ’ก Only a Certified Genius Can Score Higher Than a 12/15 on This General Knowledge Quiz
  19. This IQ Quiz Should Be Easy but Can You Get a Perfect Score?
  20. Half the Population Canโ€™t Pass This Random Trivia Quiz, And I Doubt You Can Either
  21. ‘I’ is for IQ – Can You Ace the Ultimate Letter I Trivia Quiz?
  22. If You Can’t Pass This Easy 24-Question Quiz, Your Brain Is Totally Empty
  23. 90% Of People Will Fail This General Knowledge Quiz. Will You?
  24. If You Get 12/15 on This General Knowledge Quiz, You’re Smarter Than 80% Of Humanity
  25. Honestly, It Would Surprise Me If You Can Get ๐Ÿ’ฏ Full Marks on This Random Knowledge Quiz
  26. If You’re a Trivia Expert, Prove It by Getting at Least 15/20 in This Quiz
  27. How Close to 20/20 Can You Score on This General Knowledge Quiz?
  28. Can You *Actually* Crush This Mixed Knowledge Quiz on Your First Try?
  29. Is Your General Knowledge Better Than the Average Person?
  30. I’m Pretty Sure You Know Everything If You Can Answer These 20 All-Rounded Knowledge Questions Correctly


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