This Quiz Will Reveal What % Adult You Are

Are you a real adult?

When we were kids, it may have been acceptable for our parents to do certain things for us that we couldn't do on our own. However, as adults, we are expected to learn these things and do them ourselves. Do you think you've got the life skills every adult should have?

As an individual who can drive, you should know how to change a tire. This will come in handy when you need to change to a spare after a blowout, but there's no one around. You should also have a respectable wardrobe filled with appropriate choices for different events. You're an adult now, your mommy can't dress you anymore! To be socially recognized as an adult, you should also know how to start and carry a conversation with someone you just met.

Do you think you're very mature? Then this quiz will help you confirm that theory! Take this test to reveal what percentage of an adult you really are.

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