Do You Know Which Year These Popular Songs Came Out?

Or were you too busy dancing to them?

There are many classic songs that you probably still listen to consistently. At the same time, some of the newer hits become earworms that you can't get out of your head. With so much great music over the years, do you know when your favorite tracks were released?

Keep in mind that some songs we love did not become popular the year they were released. For example, Got to Get You into My Life by The Beatles became a hit when it was released as a single in 1976. However, did you know that the song actually first came out in 1966? Dream On by Aerosmith was first released in 1973 but a longer version that came out just two years later charted higher all around the world. Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror, first released in 1987, peaked on the charts in 2009, a whopping 22 years later.

Can you remember the year that these popular songs were released? Your results can reveal if you're a music buff or not!

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