Can You Pass This Controversial Year 2 Exam from the UK?

We hope for your sake you can.

A school examination had recently been protested by thousands of parents in the United Kingdom. Many parents took their children out of school for a day because a full week of exams was deemed too much for an average seven-year-old.

Known as the Standard Assessment Tests, or SATs, the exam tests a child's skills in English, Maths, and Science. There was even a petition encouraging teachers to boycott the SATs. These events had generated a lot of debate among the public, resulting in proposals put forward by the government to reduce the burden of such assessments.

Let's see what you think about the exam, and whether you find it too challenging for an average seven-year-old. This quiz is made up of similar questions to those found in the actual 2016 SAT examination for Year Two students in the UK. Keep in mind that the test takers didn't have the luxury of multiple choice options for most of the questions like you're going to see in this quiz. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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Can You Pass This Controversial Year 2 Exam from the UK? Quiz Questions

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