🎀 What’s Your Rap Name?

Have you ever thought of becoming a rapper? Being a popular hip hop artist comes with its perks, with all the groupies, the bling and the fast cars.

Initially, rap started out as a form of street art in the 1970s, most popular among the African-Americans. Only with the Sugarhill Gang’s breakaway hit, Rapper’s Delight did the emerging genre seem promising to record labels. This kicked off a wave of new artists coming into prominence with the hottest tracks. The old-school style of rap turned into a more complex version with intricate lyrics and louder beats. Today, rap music is taking over mainstream charts.

If you’ve ever felt a burning desire to express your ideas to the masses with rhyme and rhythmic speech, writing a rap song may be just the thing. It’s time to think of a rap name you should use for yourself. Answer the following questions and we’ll figure out a cool name that befits the badass rapper that you are meant to be.