Sorry, But Only 1 in 10 People Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz

Time to see who's the crรจme de la crรจme.

Are you one of them? If you think you can pass this quiz, you must be extremely proud of the vast amount of knowledge you possess. But are you really ready for this one?

It is widely known that the fortune cookie is a huge part of Western-Chinese fusion cuisine, but where did it actually originate? The movie Titanic was a huge hit based on the real shipwreck the RMS Titanic suffered in 1912. But do you even know where the ship was en route to? White doves have been used as messengers in a time without mail, texting, instant messaging, and social media. But what are they used to represent? New Zealand is known to cultivate massive amounts of kiwifruit, but is the fruit actually native to the country?

If you know the answers to these questions, you may actually belong to the elite minority of people who can pass this tough quiz. Let's find out!

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Only 1 in 10 People Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz Questions

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