Only Half of These Random Facts Are True — Let’s See If You Can Figure Out Which Ones They Are

True or false: Let's play the game.

Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? We've gathered a collection of random facts that will make you go "wait, what?" But here's the catch: only half of them are true. That's right, you'll need to use your smarts and intuition to figure out which ones are facts and which ones are fiction.

From pop culture to geography, we've got a little bit of everything in this quiz. Do you know which of the beloved sci-fi franchises was created first, Star Wars or its competitor Star Trek? Are koala bears actually bears at all? And is India a continent?

Whether you're a trivia master or just looking for a fun challenge, this quiz is perfect for you. So sit down, buckle up, and get ready to test your knowledge. Only half of these random facts are true, let's see if you can figure out which ones they are. Good luck!

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