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Can You Pass a 1910s Trivia Quiz?

How well do you know the events from a century ago?
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1910s Trivia Quiz

How much do you know about the 1910s? The people who remember those years most clearly are probably either historians or true centenarians. After all, it has been more than a century ago. Nevertheless, the decade features a lot of notable moments in history that we should be aware of.

The Boy Scouts of America, which has given many young men enriching childhood experiences, has a long, storied history that began in 1910. Machu Picchu, whose existence was a secret known only to the peasants living in the region, was "discovered" and brought to international attention in 1911. The iconic ship, Titanic, hit an iceberg and sank on 14 April 1912. Word puzzle fans may be interested to know that the firstย crossword puzzle was created in 1913.

Do you have what it takes to pass a quiz about the 1910s? Take up the challenge and answer the following questions that revolve around key events that happened from 1910 to 1919!

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1910s Trivia Quiz Questions

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