Can You Pass an 8th Grade Final Exam from 1895?

Would you have been a star student back in the 19th century?

For most of us who've been through 8th grade long ago, we may think we have no issue passing a test for 8th graders in present day. But how about an 8th grade exam in 1895? Would you be able to correctly answer the questions from more than 120 years ago?

An 1895 exam from Saline County, Kansas has resurfaced on the internet, stirring up questions about its authenticity. People were curious if the 14-year-olds back then really had to answer these difficult questions. Some historians unearthed early school records from Saline County with the actual names of students and their recorded scores, proving that this examination did in fact take place on April 13, 1895!

We've included some questions from that very test in this quiz, and added multiple-choice options. The students had to score 50% on this exam to get promoted to the next grade! See if you know the correct answers, despite the outdated information, and manage to pass the test. Can your 20th or 21st century education handle it?

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Can You Pass an 8th Grade Final Exam from 1895? Quiz Questions

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