👩🏻‍🏫 Can You Survive a Day as a High School Teacher?

It's not a job for everyone.

High school teachers don't exactly have the easiest job to do. Whether it is the students giving them a hard time or the community not funding the classrooms enough, being a teacher can be extremely tough. In society, there are few jobs out there more challenging than being a high school teacher. At the same time, there are also few jobs out there more important than being a high school teacher.

A few good high school teachers can be all the difference needed between helping a student grow into a successful and productive member of society or not. Anyone who has ever encountered a great teacher, or one who's not that good, has likely had their lives impacted to a certain degree permanently.

This quiz will determine if you are able to survive even just one day in the role. If you are patient, caring, and dedicated then you might do well. Otherwise, being a teacher is likely not the career path for you.

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👩🏻‍🏫 Can You Survive a Day as a High School Teacher? Quiz Questions

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