If You Can Guess 16/20 of These 8-Letter Words, You Are a Genius

8 letters, no more, no less.

Doing word quizzes and solving puzzles are among the most productive and efficient ways to spend our spare time. There is nothing that can beat the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment which comes from solving an especially hard puzzle. Plus, it's fun, especially if you are someone that appreciates words and wordplay.

Not only is it an entertaining and educational activity, solving word puzzles can also do wonders for one's mental health. Puzzles can improve memory and brain functions, even in older adults. Word puzzles like this quiz can increase our vocabulary, refresh our mind, and improve our focus.

So if you have some minutes to spare, then get comfortable, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, and get ready to give your brain a little workout. This quiz will challenge your knowledge of words. See if you can decipher what each clue is telling you, and guess the word correctly. Every answer in this quiz is a single 8-letter word, so try to remember that as you work on figuring out each clue.

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If You Can Guess 16 of 8-Letter Words, You Are a Genius Quiz Questions

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