So, You Think You Can Get 100% On This 8th Grade Grammar Test?

You've got this!

Middle school teachers are far more stringent on grammar than other people you will encounter throughout your life. In 8th grade, students are expected to be capable of fully expressing themselves and passing along a clear and concise message. At this point, they have already been taught the proper rules of grammar and speech, such as the correct use of verbs, adverbs, nouns and adjectives.

Just how attentive were you back in those 8th grade English classes? Do you know how to use adjectives, pronouns, and proper punctuation points in sentences? If you would like to test your knowledge of basic grammar skills that all 8th graders should know, then this is the quiz you should be working on. How much of the grammar that was taught in 8th grade do you remember? Take this quiz, and see how you match up to a student in the 8th grade.

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So, You Think You Can Get 100% On This 8th Grade Grammar Test? Quiz Questions

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