If You Get 15/18 on This Quiz, You Have an Above Average Knowledge of the World

Prove your general knowledge chops!

Calling all the bookish people and trivia lovers of the world! Are you someone that knows all sorts of random trivia, facts and general knowledge that other people have never even heard of? Do you read a lot and have a great way of remembering the things you have read about? Do you pride yourself as being the smart one in your friend group who never runs out of science facts to share? Are you really a true trivia master? It's time to find out.

In this quiz, you should be able to answer questions about anything and everything. We'll ask you about topics covering geography, science, history and a couple of wildcards. Your job is to try and achieve a score you can be proud of. We bet you can't ace this test without pulling up Google or asking a friend to come and help you out! Score a 15 and above and you prove that you truly have an above average knowledge of the world we live in!

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If You Get 15 on This Quiz, You Have Above Average Knowledge of World Questions

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