Rate These ✈️ Airplane Meals and We’ll Give You Your Next Vacation Spot

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

Once an afterthought, in-flight meals have become a priority for airlines and the highlight for passengers. Just one pre-packed pasta doesn't cut it anymore. Airlines are upping their game with comprehensive menus and tasty dishes that can wow travelers at 35,000 feet.

A long flight can be made much better by a delicious meal. Economy class passengers of Air New Zealand can expect a substantial main course of red wine braised beef with blue cheese polenta and green beans. Business class passengers on Singapore Airlines can prebook their meals in advance, with a choice of offerings like grilled Angus beef burger and lobster thermidor flambéed in brandy. Even dessert has to be innovative. Take Delta for example, which offers strawberry frozen yogurt bars to please both dessert lovers and health-conscious travelers.

Take your seat, buckle up, and prepare for take-off in this quiz! We will serve you 15 actual meals from different airlines to find out what you think of them. Once you've given your ratings, we'll tell you where the plane is headed for your next vacation!

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