Are These Celebs American, Australian, British or Canadian?

Have they been putting on an accent this whole time?

In the early days, American entertainment was dominated by homegrown talents. Some famous American celebrities back then include "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe, just to name a few. In more recent decades up to today, talents from other countries have made their mark in Hollywood and the entertainment world. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Ryan Gosling, the Hemsworth brothers, and Benedict Cumberbatch have taken the television and movie industry by storm. In fact, some actors are so good at faking their accent in their roles that you never would have guessed their actual nationality!

The famous people featuring in this quiz come from different lands. Think you can identify where they came from? Have a go and see if you can match them to the correct flag!

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Are Celebs American, Australian, British or Canadian? Quiz Questions

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