Everyone Has a Famous Person That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

Are you more Ariana or Marilyn?

Which Famous Person Are You?
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You've probably done our quizzes on personality types and figured out what yours is. If you haven't, go on and take this quiz first! Do you know which famous person shares the same personality type as you?

If you fall under one of the personality types in the Protectors category, you may be an overseer like Judge Judy, a supporter like Hugh Jackman, an examiner like Natalie Portman, or a defender like Mother Teresa. If you have one of the Creators personality types, you could be like an entertainer like Angelina Jolie or Leonardo DiCaprio, a craftsman like Steve Jobs, or just like Rihanna - an artist.

In this quiz, we'll go one step further to find out which famous person matches your personality! Instead of just depending on your earlier personality type, we'll ask you multiple questions that analyze who you really are. Based on that, you'll find out who you're most like!

Which Famous Person Are You? Quiz Questions