Passing This Animal Kingdom Quiz Is the Only Proof You Need to Show You’re the Smart Friend

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The animal world is full of wonder and beauty. With all the unique behaviors and characteristics that every species has, it's hard not to be awed by animals. Did you know that hummingbirds beat their wings 60 to 80 times per second? How about the fact that cheetahs were trained by men for hunting as early as 3,000 B.C.? Here's one more random factoid: just one cow gives off enough harmful methane gas in a single day to fill around 400 liter bottles.

If you're a person who's committed to the quest for learning more about animals and the natural world, this quiz would be right up your alley. Wherever your strengths lie, you're likely to find something to challenge you in this quiz! If you would like to find out if you really are the smart friend in your friend group, then go ahead and take this quiz. You'll have to know a lot about animals in order to pass.

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Wildlife Quizzes
  1. Most People Can’t Match 16/24 of These National Animals to Their Country on a Map – Can You?
  2. 🐒 If You Can Answer 18 of These 24 Animal Questions Correctly, You Likely Know More Than Most People
  3. 🐘 It’s OK If You Don’t Know Much About Animals – Take This Quiz to Learn Something New
  4. 🦕 Even Paleontologists Can’t Pass This Extinct Animals Quiz — Can You?
  5. Can You Identify at Least 30/40 of These 🐯 Wild Cat Species 🦁?
  6. 🐹 Hey, We Bet You Can’t Identify at Least 16/21 of These Baby Animals
  7. Can You Name These 40 Animals in Five Minutes? 🐅 🐫 🐑 🐢 🐋
  8. This Strange Animal Facts Quiz Gets Harder With Each Question — Can You Get 10/15?
  9. Nobody Has Scored at Least 15/20 on This Animal Trivia Quiz. Will You?
  10. 🦘 Even Wildlife Experts Can’t Get a Perfect Score on This Animal Quiz — Can You?
  11. Can You Name These A-Z Sea Animals? 🐠 🐡 🦀 🐬 🐢
  12. Passing This Animal Kingdom Quiz Is the Only Proof You Need to Show You’re the Smart Friend
  13. 🐻 Can You Identify These US States Based on Their Official Animals?
  14. This Animal Quiz Might Not Be the Hardest One You’ve Ever Taken, But It Certainly Isn’t Easy
  15. 🐙 We’ll Be Impressed If You Can Solve at Least 15/20 of These Sea Creature Anagrams
  16. Only a Vet Tech Will Be Able to Answer These 20 Animal Questions
  17. What Wild Animal Are You?
  18. Can You Match These Animals With Their Natural Food Source?
  19. 🦒 I Bet You Can’t Spell the Names of 10/20 of These Common Animals
  20. Can You Identify These Animals from Their Patterns?
  21. Make Yourself Proud by Getting Over 75% On This Unreasonably Difficult Animals Quiz
  22. 🦒 If You Score Less Than 10/15 on This Animal Quiz, You Need to Go Back to 4th Grade
  23. This 🍦 Ice Cream Vs 🐶 Baby Animals “Would You Rather” Will Be the Hardest Quiz You’ll Take Today
  24. Can You Beat Your Friends in This Quiz That’s All About Animals?
  25. 🦁 Can You Actually Survive These Wild Animal Attacks?
  26. If You Can Score 15/20 on This Quiz, You’re Definitely an 🐾 Animal Expert
  27. 🦖 Only Paleontologists Can Pass This Dinosaur Quiz — How Well Can You Do?
  28. Can You Pass This “Jeopardy!” Trivia Quiz About Animals?
  29. Can You Name These Animals?
  30. Think You’re an Animal Expert? 🐘 Prove It by Naming the Second Largest Animals of the Animal Kingdom!

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