Can We Guess If You’re British Based on This “Yes or No” Quiz?

And if we get this wrong, you should break out your passport and double check.

There are two types of British people in the world. Those that are actual citizens, and those who the rest of the world imagine when they think of the United Kingdom. The UK culture is well known across the world. This is in part thanks to global hit TV shows like Doctor Who and films like Harry Potter, musicians like The Beatles and Adele and public figures like the royal family. All these cultural legends have given way to a certain image, or stereotype, of the British.

The British's obsession with tea is well-documented. Making tea for other people is the ultimate form of British hospitality. Some people find it impossible to understand how the Brits can keep their cool regardless of the situation and be polite. Do they never get worked up enough to lose their cool?

We think we can figure out if you have such British tendencies, i.e. if you're stereotypically British or not. Just answer the following yes or no questions and we'll know for sure.

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Can We Guess If You're British by This Yes or No Quiz? Questions

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