Can You Pass This English Exam for Non-Native Speakers?

Can you get through this quiz without making a single mistake?

English is the native language of an estimated 350-400 million people worldwide. Not only that, it is also the common tongue for many non-English speakers all over the world. Almost a quarter of the global population can understand it and have at least some basic competence in its use, be it written or spoken. For the large majority of people around the globe that do not speak English as their mother tongue, they may find the language perplexing as they encounter certain difficulties throughout the learning process.

For non-native English speakers, this test will gauge your existing language proficiency and better your grasp of English. Even if you do speak English as your first language, can you say with certainty that you can ace a language quiz? Some questions will be a bit tricky as the correct answers will also depend a lot on the context.

Ready to start? Go for it and try not to make any mistakes. Good luck!

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Can You Pass This English Exam for Non-Native Speakers? Quiz Questions

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