TBH, Most People Can’t Score Over 19 on This 25-Question English Test — Let’s See If You Can Do It

It's time to flex that literary brain of yours.

Isn't the English language magnificent? It is not only jam-packed with adjectives, verbs and adverbs to express almost anything, but also the meanings of some of the words change depending on the context. Take the word "simple" -- it can mean unsophisticated, uncomplicated, uncomplex and basic. Or consider the word "like" -- it can mean alike, fond of, comparable to, resembling or identical to. And the word "mean" -- it can mean average, stingy, mendacious, spiteful, rude and unkind. It takes a special kind of wordsmith or English expert to be able to navigate the colorful building blocks of this beautiful language.

To do well on this English quiz, you should be well acquainted with not just the grammar and syntax of the language, but also be familiar with many common idioms and expressions. Are you ready to put your literary knowledge to the test and score big on this English quiz? Let's get started!


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TBH, Most People Can't Score Over 19 on This 25-Questio… Quiz Questions

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