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Are You Country Enough to Name These 18 Top Country Hits?

Calling all country fans.
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Country music has its own following, with a large set of devoted fans. People who never acquired the taste may not understand the nation's fascination with country over other popular genres. So why is it that country music remains so popular? Thereโ€™s no real science behind this, but here are a few theories.

Country music is very accessible, with lyrics about the ups and downs of relationships, working hard, and having fun with your friends. Other genres may put across the same ideas, but the beautiful lyrics set in an easy-to-sing manner helps make country tracks more relatable. The predictable chord patterns, and highly sing-able melodies give us the chance to sing along easily where other musical styles make it harder for the average person to jump in.

It's time for you to test your knowledge of this music genre! We'll give you a lyric from a popular country hit and you have to guess which song it is from. Prove your status as the biggest country fan by acing this quiz!

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Are You Country Enough to Name 18 Top Country Hits? Quiz Questions

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