Are You More Logical or Creative? 🧠 Answer These Questions as Quickly as You Can to Find Out

Are you one of the math people or artsy types?

Are You More Logical Or Creative?
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Our brain is capable of doing both logical and creative thinking. Logical thinking is encouraged since our births while creative thinking comes in handy when we want to stand out at school or at the workplace. But what exactly do these two types of thinking refer to?

The left side of the brain uses logic to analyze information in a structured way. It uses all the problem-solving methods you know to do so. This is why it is easy for predominantly logical people to form patterns in the information they receive. On the other hand, the right side of the brain is more artistic, naturally. This is where your love for art, music, culture, and beauty is stored. Creative people tend to be more flexible in their ways, depending on intuition more than analytical thinking.

If you want to find out whether you are more logical or creative, then answer the following questions based on your gut instinct! Remember you have to treat this quiz as a lightning round by responding as quickly as possible to get an accurate answer.

Are You More Logical Or Creative? Quiz Questions