The Average Person Can Score 15/26 on This Trivia Quiz, So to Impress Me, You’ll Have to Score Least 20

If you cheat, we'll know... JK we won't.

The Average Person Can Score 15 on This Trivia Quiz, So to Impress Me, You'll Have to Score Least 20

Whether it's participating in a classic pub quiz during your next night out, watching game shows where the contestants must be able to quickly recall information, or taking online quizzes, trivia is a fun and interactive way to learn a variety of facts. So, to help you out, we've compiled yet another trivia quiz that will challenge you across a wide range of subjects and help you learn new facts at the same time.

Speaking of facts, did you know that several of the facts on Snapple caps have been found to be outdated, incorrect, or exaggerated? Also, did you know that a spacesuit takes 5,000 hours to make, costs 1 million dollars, weighs about 110 pounds, and has 11 layers of material?

To help you on your quest for greater intelligence, here's a quiz to test the limits of your trivia knowledge. Do you have what it takes to pass this quiz with flying colors? There's only one way to find out!

Quiz Playlist

Mixed Trivia Quizzes
  1. This General Knowledge Quiz Will Test Your Brain in Several Areas
  2. Whenever Someone Tells Me They Know a Lot About Everything, I Ask Them to Take This Quiz
  3. πŸ€ You Will Need More Than Just Luck to Pass This General Knowledge Quiz
  4. We’ll Honestly Be Impressed If You Score 17/22 on This General Knowledge Quiz
  5. How Much of a Walking Encyclopedia Are You?
  6. A Fun Mix of 22 Trivia Questions to Challenge Yourself, From Boogers to Black Forest Cake
  7. Can You *Actually* Crush This Mixed Knowledge Quiz on Your First Try?
  8. You’ve Got 15 Questions to Prove You’re More Knowledgeable Than the Average Person
  9. You’re Probably Better at Trivia Than You Think, Try Answering These 24 Mixed Knowledge Questions
  10. This General Knowledge Quiz Will Make You Go ‘Holy Cow!’ – Every Answer Starts with ‘H’!
  11. Are You a Master of General Knowledge? Take This True or False Quiz to Find Out
  12. This Is Probably the Hardest Random Knowledge Quiz I’ve Ever Taken, But If You Think You Can Pass It, Be My Guest
  13. If You Can Get More Than 12/15 of These Trivia Questions, You’re Actually Smart
  14. Prove You’re Actually Smart by Acing This General Knowledge Quiz
  15. This Random Knowledge Quiz Is 20% Harder Than Most β€” Can You Pass It?
  16. So You’re a Mixed Knowledge Brainiac? Prove It by Getting at Least 18/24 on This Quiz
  17. It’s Time to Chill and Try Your Hands at This Easy Mixed Knowledge Quiz
  18. This 25-Question General Knowledge Quiz Will Determine If You Know a Little or a Lot
  19. Are You Better at Trivia Than Everyone Else?
  20. The More Questions You Get Correct Here, The More General Knowledge You Have
  21. This General Knowledge Quiz Has Only Single-Letter Answers, But It’s Not as Easy as ABC
  22. So You Think You’re Great at General Knowledge, Eh? Prove It With This Quiz
  23. Feeling Fearless? Ace This Formidable Quiz Where Every Answer Starts with ‘F’!
  24. Can You Pass This Random General Knowledge Quiz?
  25. If You Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz, You Have High Intelligence
  26. Your General Knowledge Is Lacking If You Don’t Get 11/15 on This Quiz
  27. Passing This General Knowledge Quiz Means You Know a Lot About Everything
  28. If You Pass This General Knowledge Quiz, You’re Smarter Than All Your Friends
  29. Do You Actually Have a Lot of All-Rounded Knowledge? Play This Quiz to Know for Sure
  30. Unfortunately, Only About 20% Of People Can Ace This General Knowledge Quiz β€” Let’s Hope You’re One of the Smart Ones


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The Average Person Can Score 15 on This Trivia Quiz, So to Impress Me, You'll Have to Score Least 20 Questions