If You Get 14/18 on This Biggest Around the World Quiz, Congratulations, You Have a 🧠 Big Brain

This is big brain time.

The world is a big place, one that is filled with a bunch of very big things. One can't help feeling really tiny when we think of their size. Yet our planet Earth is but only the fifth-largest planet in the solar system.

This quiz will test your knowledge of the biggest things from around the world including airports, shopping malls, ships, trees, and even the most humongous pizza ever made. It will test your knowledge of the largest things and places that you can find anywhere. Only people with very big brains are able to score well on a quiz like this. We mean you have a big brain in that you're very smart, and not so much about physical size. If you think you do happen to have a very big brain (again, not physically big) then go ahead and take this quiz, answer all of these questions as best you can, and we will see just how well you do.

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If You Get 14 on This Biggest Around World Quiz, Congratulations, You Have Big Brain Questions

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