This Biggest, Longest, Tallest Quiz Will Be Extremely Hard for Everyone Except for Geography Experts

The Earth is a fascinating place.

The Earth is a fascinating place. It is the only planet known to have life, and it is home to billions of people, animals, and plants. Natural processes such as weathering, water, elevation, sinking, and erosion of the soil are constantly shaping the Earth's surface, leading to the formation of amazing landforms. Landforms are the physical features on the Earthโ€™s surface. Mountains, deserts, canyons, valleys and plains are some major landforms of the Earth. Their formations don't exactly happen overnight. In fact, it takes hundreds and thousands of years for us to notice these changes.

This quiz will highlight the largest, longest, and tallest of various natural features. For example, do you know what the highest waterfall in the world is? How about the longest river? Here's your chance to challenge the geography brain of yours and test your knowledge. There's never a better time to brush up on your geography skills!

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The Biggest, Longest, Tallest Quiz For Geography Experts Questions

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