If You Can Score More Than 18 on This Famous Landmarks Quiz, You Probably Know All About the World

Time to separate the geography pros from the knowledge-deficient.

If You Can Score More Than 18 on This Landmarks Quiz, You Probably Know All About World

Our planet Earth is filled with diverse landscapes, from barren tundras to large cities with millions of people and everything in between. Did you know that Australia has a wider diameter than the Moon? The Moon's diameter is 2,112.662 miles, while Australia's measures 2,485.485. How about the fact that Iceland is the only country in the world where you are safe from mosquitoes: They don't live on the European island! Also, did you know that some active volcanoes are completely submerged underwater? When they erupt, lava erupts and spills straight into the water in a phenomenon known as a visual feast. If these facts fascinate you, this geography quiz about famous places around the world would be right up your street.

Prove you know your way around the world by matching various iconic locations to the countries they are found. Take this as your chance to challenge the geography genius in you and give your mind a workout at the same time.

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World Landmarks Quizzes
  1. If You Can Get at Least 80% on This Famous Castles Quiz 🏰, You Officially Rule the Kingdom of Knowledge
  2. Nature’s Marvels: Where in the World Were These Photographs Taken? 🌄
  3. Can You *Actually* Pass This Super Tricky “Yes or No” Landmarks Quiz on Your First Try? 🗼
  4. Can You Match the Second-Most Famous Sights to Their Countries?
  5. Are You a World Traveler? Test Your Knowledge by Matching These Majestic Natural Sites to Their Countries!
  6. Here Are 24 Glorious Natural Attractions – Can You Match Them to Their Country?
  7. Can You Match These Extraordinary Natural Features to Their Respective Countries?
  8. Can You Match These Natural Wonders to Their Locations?
  9. 🗽 Can You Match These Famous Statues to Their Locations?
  10. 🗽 What Famous Landmark Should You Visit Next Based on Your A-Z Travel Bucket List?
  11. The Ultimate Mountains Quiz! ⛰️ Can You Get 75% On This Genius-Level Quiz?
  12. This Biggest, Longest, Tallest Quiz Will Be Extremely Hard for Everyone Except for Geography Experts
  13. Even If You Don’t Know Much About Geography, Play This World Landmarks Quiz Anyway
  14. If You Can Score More Than 18 on This Famous Landmarks Quiz, You Probably Know All About the World
  15. If You Can Get Better Than 23/30 on This 🌎 World Landmarks Test on Your First Try, You Win
  16. If You Can Get at Least 15 on This 20-Question World Landmarks Quiz, You Can Safely Travel the World Without Getting Lost
  17. 💫 Make a Wish at These Magical Places Around the World and We’ll Reveal What You Need Most
  18. 🌋 Most People Have No Idea Which Continent These Natural Landmarks Are on — Do You?
  19. If You Get Over 80% On This 🛕 Ancient Monuments Quiz, You Know a Lot
  20. 🗽 Can You Pass This 3rd Grade International Landmarks Quiz?
  21. If You Can Name Just 12/20 Countries by Their Famous Landmark, I’ll Be Really Impressed
  22. 🗼 Can You Match 16/21 of These World Famous Landmarks to Their Continent?
  23. 🗺 Most People Can’t Match 20/24 of These Famous Places to Their Country on a Map – Can You?
  24. 🌉 If You Can’t Identify 16/21 of These World Landmarks, Then You Don’t Know Jack About Geography
  25. Can You Identify These Countries by Their 2nd Most Famous Sights?
  26. 🌏 Most People Can’t Pass This Famous Landmark Quiz — Can You?
  27. Can You Name These Landmarks of the World? 🏰 🗽 🗻 🗿 🏯
  28. Can You Name These Wonders of the World?
  29. 🌉 Can You Match These Famous Bridges to Their Locations?


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If You Can Score More Than 18 on This Landmarks Quiz, You Probably Know All About World Questions