This Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Test Will Reveal Your Actual and Emotional Ages

Get ready to make some delicious decisions.

We follow the basic routine of having three main meals every day to get all the nutrients we need. How should we space out breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

It is important to have a good breakfast first thing in the morning. Even though it's early in the day when many of us are rushing for school or work, it's important not to skip the meal. You are more likely to eat larger meals if you forgo your breakfast, leading to a sudden spike in blood sugar. Lunch can be a light meal eaten when you feel your body needs the energy in the afternoon. Dinner should be taken in moderation in the evening. Having the meal too late may result in your body not being able to burn off the calories and fat being stored.

We'll give you a combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for each day of the week and special occasions. All you have to do is tell us if you'd enjoy the meals or you think they are gross. Your opinions will be analyzed to reveal your actual and emotional ages!

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