Order a Cafeteria Lunch and We’ll Reward You With a ’90s Teen Heartthrob Boyfriend

Who will sit with you at lunch?

Back in school, lunch period was practically the only thing we looked forward to every day. That's the time to get a break from the lessons and catch up with our friends.

Remember how you'd gather with your closest friends in the cafeteria for lunch? After lining up to collect your meals and sitting down in your usual spot, you would start exchanging gossip. Who was crushing on who? Who went on dates? Who skipped class? There would also be discussions on the hottest celebrity heartthrobs at the moment, like Leonardo DiCaprio from Romeo + Juliet or Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Most of us would learn more during lunch than we would in the entire school day, while having an alright-tasting meal!

Instead of having just an okay meal, you can order whatever you want from our virtual cafeteria! What you choose to put on your lunch tray will earn you a cute '90s heartthrob boyfriend to sit with you at your next lunch period.

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Order Cafeteria Lunch & I'll Reward You With '90s Teen â€Ļ Quiz Questions

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