This Ink Blot Personality Test Is Frighteningly Accurate

What do the ink blots reveal about you?

You've seen the age-old cliche of a TV or movie character lying in their therapist's office and looking at a bunch of different splotches of ink. The therapist then asks them to spit out the first word they think of looking at the images. But do you know what actually is going on?

That is known as an ink blot test! It is used to evaluate someone's personality based on their responses to ambiguous ink blots. It was first published in 1921 by a Swiss psychiatrist, Hermann Rorschach. His last name is used to refer to the test sometimes as well.

Take the test for yourself! Look at the following ink blots and tell us what is the first emotion you feel upon seeing them - anger, happiness, sadness, curiosity. You could also tell us if you feel something else or nothing at all! Based on your responses, we can accurately guess a personality trait.

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