What % Stubborn Are You?

Do you always have to be right?

Some of us can be pretty stubborn from time to time. A stubborn person is one who refuses to budge from their opinion or position, no matter how much evidence exists that they should do exactly that. To a certain extent, this is a healthy function of a normal human being. We all need to have confidence in our own thoughts and actions, otherwise, we’d never be able to do anything out of a crippling fear of failure. We need our egos, but sometimes they can go overboard and make us look silly. This is what happens to stubborn people.

A stubborn person will not change their opinion no matter what and this is an unfortunate mindset to be in. While we all need confidence, we also need to be flexible in our opinions so as not to do the wrong thing over and over again. Take this quiz to find out how stubborn you really are.

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