Respond to These Texts and We’ll Reveal Your Emotional Age

Are you far older and wiser than your actual age?

Our emotional ages may vary based on our various experiences in life rather than the actual time we have spent on the planet.ย Unlike our chronological age and physical age, our mental age affects every decision we make and how we see our place in our family, circle of friends, and career. You might be somebody who is far older and wiser than your actual years amount to. On the other hand, there is no shortage of people whose emotional age plateaued early in life and has stayed there.

No matter if you are a person whose emotional age is older or younger than your real age, this will be evident in how you respond to the text messages within this quiz. If you would like to find out what mental age you are currently then you will want to take this quiz, choose your replies to various text messages and we will reveal your true emotional age.

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