If You Can Get 10/15 on This Vocabulary Quiz Then You’re Super Smart

Don't feel bad if you get less than 10 though.

It is important to keep learning new words and improving our vocabulary even after we have completed our formal education. Our vocabularies are our roster of words that we have to use when we want to communicate a thought, opinion, or experience. The more words we know, the easier it is to paint a picture in the minds of the people we are speaking with. Like a carpenter that can work more efficiently with more tools in their tool belt, or an artist who can create more visually stunning paintings with more colors on their palette, we can better communicate with others the more words we know.

There is nothing more frustrating than when someone uses a word incorrectly. Doing so creates miscommunication and all the hijinks and ridiculousness that often comes with that. Not only will this quiz test your vocabulary, but it will also help improve upon it. Every wrong answer is a new word learned!

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If You Can Get 10 on This Vocabulary Quiz Then You're Super Smart Questions

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