Only a Word Wizard Will Know the Meaning of These 15 Words

Let's see how deft you are with words.

In today's world of spell checkers, auto-correction tools and modern slang, our vocabulary can begin to suffer and decline, especially if we're not into reading regularly.

Some of us may think that we are masters of the English language. We even attempt to prove our prowess by utilizing advanced vocabulary in our reading, writing, and conversation. However, with hundreds of thousands of words in our language, do we really know them all?

While it is nearly impossible to memorize every bolded word in the Oxford dictionary, it is feasible to remember vocabulary in the books and articles we read.

So how well can you do in our latest quiz? Do you consider yourself to be a word wizard? Challenge yourself in this English word quiz and see if you can identify the meaning of all these words. It's simple, pick out the best definition for each of the words shown and see how many you can get correctly.

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Only a Word Wizard Will Know the Meaning of 15 Words Quiz Questions

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